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Project Description
A simple code syntax highlighter to change the colors of classes, structs, macros and typedefs in the Visual C++ 2010 IDE. It is implemented as a Visual Studio 2010 Extension, and uses the new Intellisense database that gets created for VC++ solutions. Also supports HLSL and GLSL syntax.

Supports HLSL and GLSL syntax highlighting as a bonus, as the HLSL/GLSL files in my current main project had conspicuously black text that was annoying me. Not anymore!

Highlighterr is a Visual C# 2010 project, which is a text classifier extension for Visual Studio 2010's C++ editor. Its main purpose is to use the new Intellisense database for C++ solutions to change the font color that is used for various different C and C++ code constructs, such as macros, classes, typedefs, interfaces and enums.

It could also make a good starting point for a more advanced C++ Intellisense system, since the built-in options for Intellisense in C++ leave a little to be desired compared to C#. This can be frustrating at times for someone who develops in both C++ and C#...

It could also make a starting point for a HLSL/GLSL intellisense system...

Here's the "before and after" shot:
Highlighterr Before and After

..The user can change the colors used at any time via the standard place to change fonts and colors in the IDE.

Since Intellisense is pretty much spot-on for C++ now, I often wonder why Visual Studio doesn't do this by default.

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